Current Projects

Consent Order and Agreement / SSO Elimination and Capital Improvement Project

In 2010, Pleasant Hills Authority, along with the Boroughs of Pleasant Hills, Baldwin and Whitehall and the Township of South Park, entered into a Consent Order and Agreement (COA) with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to eliminate sanitary sewage overflows (SSOs) from the Lewis Run Pump Station and the Sewage Treatment Plant during wet weather events.

As a result of the COA, Pleasant Hills Authority is planning to expand the Sewage Treatment Plant to treat up to a maximum of 25 MGD instead of the current maximum of 12.5 MGD during wet weather events. The cost of the upgrades to the Sewage Treatment Plant is estimated to be $16,535,400.

Additionally, Pleasant Hills Authority will be changing to using actual sewage flow to determine the service fees paid by each municipality. The current service fee is based on the water consumption of the users within the municipality. To accomplish this goal, PHA will be installing twelve (12) master meters within the service area to measure the sewage flow from the municipalities. The cost of this project is estimated at $1,900,000.

The total estimated cost for both projects combined is $18,435,000. Since the Pleasant Hills Authority retired its outstanding bonds in 2012 and the debt service required for this project is estimated to be approximately the same as the retired debt,the impact on user rates due to this project is minimized.

The Authority received the NPDES Part II Permit for the upgrades at the WWTP in August 2016 and applied for PENNVEST funding.  In October 2016, the Authority received a funding offer from PENNVEST for $17.4 million.  Bids were received for this project from December 2016 to March 2017.  The following contracts were awarded:

  • Contract 1 - General to Mele & Mele & Sons, Inc. in the amount of $12,211,000
  • Contract 2 - HVAC to Guys Mechanical Systems in the amount of $468,000
  • Contract 3 - Electrical to Right Electric, Inc. in the amount of $2,929,292

The Notice to Proceed was issued in June 2017 and construction has begun.  The first phase of construction includes the construction of a new headworks facility, installation of a second UV Disinfection system, installation of a flow control chamber and upgrades to 2 or 4 primary clarifiers.  This phase is scheduled to be complete in June 2018.  The next phase of construction will include removing the stage 1 equipment from operation and installing upgrades to all of the equipment.  Once Stage 1 Upgrades are complete and operational, then Phase 3 of construction will begin.  For Phase 3, all Stage 2 equipment is removed from service and upgraded.  Construction for all phases is scheduled to be complete at the end of 2019.

 Digester #2 Lid Replacement Project

A Project to replace the Digester #2 Lid has been awarded to Mele & Mele & Sons, Inc.  This project will include replacing the Digester #2 Lid with a steel lid, replacing the roof of the Digester Building and some internal piping supports.  The Notice to Proceed will be issued shortly.